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CHOG_NonWhiteMap: Has the same functionality described in CHOG_Map but demonstrates the filtering capability of the year drop-down menu to show congregations by race (yearbook designation of specific congregations as "colored").

CHOG_Map: County-level data for all congregations in a given year with city-level summary of number and size of congregations. The color saturation is relative to the user's selection of states in the dropdown menu. Users can also constrain the map by modifying the range of valid congregation sizes. Summary data at the county-level is presented to the user in a tooltip when the mouse hovers over a county. Users can also click on a specific county, and the name of the county & state are displayed on the cards to the right of the map.

CHOG_StatsMap: Provides a city-level breakdown in the change of membership and the number of congregations for the selected start and end years. The color saturation is relative to the user's selection of states in the dropdown menu.

CHOG_StatsChart: Provides a statistical breakdown in the change in size and number of congregations at the city-level for the selected start and end years. Follows the logic of CHOG_SummaryChart in the use of zero for membership data, while membership data that is blank indicates that the congregation was not listed. [For example, the congregation in North Star, MI was not listed in the 1931 Yearbook, while the congregation in St. Joseph, MI provided a count of members in 1935. (Another tab in the program could give an indication whether or not that was the same congregation in 1931.]

CHOG_SummaryChart: Chronological membership data at the city-level (table) and at the state-level (line chart). The table at the bottom of the page provides congregation-level data for the selected states and allows the user to filter by a specific year, city, and congregation. In the event that a congregation submitted partial data, the program will show the pastor and congregation fields as blank, while membership data displays as zero.

Data tabulated from Church of God Yearbooks 1930-1935 and accompanying visualization created in and viewable on Power BI software. Download and run CHOG_membership_By_State.pbix in Power BI for full access.

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