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The Broadcaster was Anderson Bible Training School's first newsletter for an audience outside the school, excluding Echoes, the annual yearbook. Beginning in 1929, it circulated among alumni, prospective students, Church of God pastors, and donors to the school. It was published on a semi-monthly basis for six years, ending in 1935. Though it ran for only six years, The Broadcaster covered several notable events in Anderson University's early history. These included the controversy surrounding Dr. R. R. Byrum's heresy trial, The Great Depression's impact on the school, and the resolutions in 1934 that called for the college to shut down. In the midst of the 1934 controversy, the publication played a large role in garnering support for the continuation of the college and the liberal arts curriculum. The Broadcaster's regular reporting involved stories on new faculty, incoming, current, and graduating students, the school's endowment, Church of God News, Christian higher education, and theology.

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